UFO Disclosue from former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo

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For those of you who might not have time to stay on top of these topics I'd like to point out that something kind of extraordinary just happened for UFO disclosure. For the first time the US Government has admitted to there being UFOs and that they are literally just that, Unidentified Flying Objects.

Not swamp gas, not mass delusion clouds or the planet Venus but they reported that there are 'craft' flying around in our planet that they have no clue who or what they are.

What they do know is that it's not ours (the US) nor do they belong to any other country on Earth. Let that sink in folks.

Luis Elizondo the former Pentagon Military official who headed the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program isn't someone who should be laughed at when he speaks about the UFOs flying around and as a formal official saying 'We may not be alone".

This gentleman had direct access to a lot of what happened behind the scenes and I really believe this is just turning up the heat on full UFO/Extraterrestrial disclosure by a whole notch.

Here's the video from our in-house YouTube channel UFO GEN with the Luis Elizondo interview.

What does everyone think about this?

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