The UFO Forums are back!

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After years of hiatus we are finally back online!

Yes friends, we are the original that was forced to close our doors in 2009 however we're back and there's nothing that can stop us from bringing information to the public!

For those of you who may be new here, was a fairly popular between 2007 - 2009 and there's time that needs to be made up.
So much has happened and there's more in the future for The UFO Forums, for starters we're back on a solid platform with solid vision once again but not only that we're looking to being your one stop community for everything extraterrestrial and paranormal!

We're looking for some highly motivated & dedicated UFO & paranormal seekers to join our community so please feel free to join and share all your valuable information. Even if you're just curious or are starting to get into the subject this is an awesome place to start!

We look forward to bringing you the same upbeat friendly community we previously had and want to see this community grow so lets get to it and shine some light on these mysterious topics!

The UFO Forums

I want to believe.