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Hey I'm Jeremy,

I've been interested in the UFO & Paranormal subjects ever since I was a little child. I've had strange experiences all throughout my life like multiple UFO sightings and very real dreams ranging from beings contacting me to seeing the future.

I'm pretty open minded and love to hear other people's strange experiences, I often listen to Coast to Coast AM especially during the Art Bell days though I don't mind George Noory along with Inception Radio Network, Dark Matter and SOMETIMES Third Phase of Moon, though I feel TPM can get a little sketchy and gimmicky some of the times. If you were a part of the original TheUFOForums.com board you probably can recognize me as I was also the first person to register and post there also! :)

So here's my introductory post saying 'Hello!' to you and all out future members of the forums!

The UFO Forums

I want to believe.